Is Adult Entertainment a Mistake?

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Porn is probably one of the greatest discoveries during our teen years. Some of us heard it from our friends, others just found it online. It is true that most of us have watched porn even if we deny it. Discovering porn is natural while growing up and here is nothing wrong with trying to have fun once in a while. It seems like a good way to blow off some steam. Sexual activities, watching porn, adult entertainment, and masturbation are common among most people. Indulging in these activities is natural and there is no need to be ashamed of it. 

What is the Hush-hush all about?

Even though it seems pretty natural, there has been a need to keep it a secret. It is difficult for most people to tell their parents that they watch porn or even masturbate. Though is a very private activity, informing parents that they do indulge in it should not be. Watching porn has been a family taboo for ages. Teenagers have always had difficulty to keep it a secret. They have struggled to hide the fact that they watch porn from their guardians or parents. However, this should not be the case. Porn and masturbation should be normalized as it is healthy to occasionally indulge in such activities. 

The scenario had somewhat changed in recent times. Some cultures have accepted porn, masturbation, and sex, some of the countries are legalizing prostitution. While the rest of the world is still stuck with their orthodox views, watching porn or having sex is looked down upon, adolescents are punished if they are caught watching porn or masturbating. 

Why is Acceptance Important?

Human bodies change during the teen years. Teenagers experiences changes within as well as around themselves. This is a crucial time to explore their own bodies in order to understand it better. It is important t understand what one should and their bodies and should not. This helps them learn how to respect the other person while having sex and how not to violet them. Therefore, porn is the first step.  Watching porn brings about instant changes that one should know how to handle; this is where masturbation comes in. Hence, allowing porn and masturbation can be really important during the adolescent years.

How to Start?

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Porn is a harmless way to have some fun for a while. Watching porn, masturbating, and having sex arises as important as any other activity. Sex is a natural process and it is time we look past the orthodox views. Remember to use protection and have the consent of your partner