All You Need to Know About Sybian Machines

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People have gone above and beyond to try and create the most sensually and sexually satisfying sex toy. For many years, women and vibrators, dildos, or other pleasure toys were seen as taboo. With the rise of the porn industry in the 1980s more women have claimed their right to reach an intense orgasm. Taking control of their sexuality, women have started to replace sex with men with toys.

Exploring their sexuality with different clitoral and G-spot vibrators are so much fun and opened a world to different kinds of orgasms. To achieve an even more real experience, sex toy manufacturers created the Sybian machine. Also known as a Sybian saddle the sex machine became increasingly popular amongst women who love to explore their bodies while masturbating.

Want to know more about this erotic bouncing machine, then stick around for the saddle ride of your life.


Also known as the vibrating saddle, the Sybian is a sex machine that is designed in the form of a saddle. It’s named Sybian because it is the name of the first brand to produce it back in the 80s. On top of the saddle is a dildo (in different shapes and sizes) that the women can use while masturbating. It’s designed specifically to be straddled and sat on by the woman.

Many Sybian machine reviews from women have confessed that the greatest thing about it, is that it completely replaces a man and that she can just sit back and enjoy the ride. This is because the saddle is designed with an automatic penis that can move up and down to thrust the woman’s vagina without her having to move at all.

For added intensity and pleasure, the saddle seat comes with different pulsating and vibrating settings. Designed for the woman who loves sex positions like the ‘cowgirl’ and ‘girl on top’ and who can reach orgasm in this position, the saddle is the perfect sex machine choice.


Girls who use the Sybian will sit on top of the unit, which is in the shape of a saddle seat. She can attach a dildo or massager of her choice onto the seat’s top. Without moving too much, the girl can enjoy being penetrated and thrust by the machine while she sits on it.

The entire unit comes with different settings that allow the user to find their own preferable speeds and motions. All Sybians come with a controller that allows the woman to adjust speed and vibration intensities. Other settings that can be adjusted are pulses, swirling movements, caressing motions, depth of penetration, and even heat.

The creator, Dave Lampert, definitely understands what a woman needs to be sexually aroused. As he also designed the machine to create a form of mental sexual arousal. The different attachments vary in color, size, and shape. Users can even choose attachments with two silicone penises for double penetration, instead of just one. Learn more about the machine’s history and invention here:

The machine is sturdy and won’t tip over when sat on (or ridden) too hard. It is recommended that users should face a bed or soft couch while sitting on it. This will allow for ultimate comfort. Then, place the controls in front of you for easy access to adjust the settings.

It is also recommended that you soften the machine’s hard exterior (if you’d like) with a soft blanket. Also, don’t be shy to use as much lube to make the ride even more slippery.

All You Need to Know About Sybian Machines


The Sybian machine can be used in many different ways to adhere to many different sexual preferences. You should definitely consider investing if:

  • you are in a long-distance relationship and need a boyfriend-replacement
  • when you want an intense sexual experience
  • you are bored with your vibrator
  • you want to spice up your relationship by adding a new and exciting toy in the bedroom
  • when you are a camgirl who records yourself masturbating for customers
  • to explore your sexuality and try something different

This doesn’t mean that the large sex toy is only for women who want to masturbate. Using a Sybian as a couple will bring back the sexual tension and spark in a relationship. It is actually a great addition to the bedroom for partners too. Men love watching their girlfriends or wives please themselves and explore their bodies. You can sit on the Sybian while it stimulates you with your man caressing and kissing the rest of your body. Check out this guide for more tips on how to use the Sybian like a pro.

Using the Sybian is quite easy and straightforward. Despite its simplicity, it has many different layers to it that bring unforgettable sexual experiences into your life.